Performs shipboard welding services/processes for the repair and maintenance of piping system, machinery, structural system and other related work on Military Sealift Command vessels and prepositioned ships in DGAR that are either leased to the US Government or owned by the United States Government. Performs all work in a safe and professional manner. The incumbent will be working closely with the Superintendent, MSC support.

Key Responsibilities

Performs shipboard welding services/processes for the repair and maintenance of piping system, machinery,

· Joins metal parts by the use of electric arc, oxy-acetylene or other gaseous welding or brazing equipment & machinery according to blueprints and welding process specifications.

· Performs cutting and burning, pre-heats or anneal metals using flame torches.

· Welds in all position various types of metals and alloys including, but not limited to high-tensile steel, CU-NI alloys and aluminum, in various shapes and sizes using manual, semi-automatic arc or gas welding methods (MIG or TIG) or combination of both.

· Identifies metal characteristics, ascertain applicable electrode or fillers and appropriate welding process for each job.

· Cuts, bevel and gauges ferrous and non-ferrous metals using manual, semi-automatic arc and gas flame equipment.

· Lays-out, fabricate and fit pipes or metal plates during repair or fabrication, using blueprints and applicable drawings as work guide.

· Responsible for the safe operation of equipment, maintains awareness to job safety requirements at all times and keeps all work areas clean & in good housekeeping. Works in the environment of shipboard hazards and operating machineries.

· Part of Riding Gang onboard ships while deployed away from DGAR on an as needed basis to continue maintenance requirements began while anchored in the lagoon.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

· Personnel is required to work for an additional two (2) hours every regular working days as an expected requirement delineated under Spec Item 3.4.2 of A-06 Contract.

Required Academic Qualifications, Experience and Competencies

· ABS Certified, minimum of 6G-P1 (high-pressure vessel / pipe welding) qualification.

· Must have knowledge in metallurgy and familiar with various alloy welding processes, with at least minimum working knowledge on high-tensile steel, CU-NI and Aluminum.

· Must have the ability to read and interpret blueprints, mechanical drawings and sketches.

· Must speak, read and understand English language both orally and in writing.

· Must pass the overseas medical screening and be in good health.

· ABS 6G-P1 (high-pressure vessel / pipe welding) with visual and non-destructive test certification (RT).

· Welding Technology Course not lower than 6G-SMAW.

· Trade school training or apprenticeship course in Welding Technology, complete with Shop Mathematics, Metal working / Metallurgy and Mechanical Drawing.

· High School graduate and vocational or apprenticeship course related to Welding Technology

· Minimum of five (5) year experience as Journeyman Welder or Marine Welder in Naval Ship Repair Facility, commercial shipyard or oil refineries; with working knowledge and experience in alloys and high-pressure vessel/piping welding operations complete with radiographic test (x-ray quality) requirements

· Must have a valid driver’s license and passport

Qualified and interested applicants who meet the specifications are requested to send their CVS to [email protected] by 9th September 2023. Indicate the position applied for and also attach copies of:

· Up-To-Date Resume (we need CV showing your career history up to today)

· All-work-related training certificate

· Education Certificates

· Employment certificate/Recommendation letters

· Valid Passport Copy

· COVID-19 vaccination certificate

· Driving License Copy.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Net monthly Salary is $1,392

To apply for this job please visit jobs.amsol.africa.