Look no further

Are you searching for the most reliable recruitment consultants in Nairobi, Kenya? We constitute the best of all the recruitment companies in Kenya, and the region at large.

We have a proven track record of supporting both local and foreign employers with professional manpower, better than other recruitment agencies of our nature in Kenya.  We are diversified in the sectors and industries in which we connect Kenyan professionals with employers.

Moreover, we do placements for all career levels, i.e. entry level, mid-level and senior level.

Why you should look no further

  • We value our clients regardless of the size of their business, and will tailor your programs to fit the hiring need and financial concerns. Some recruitment firms discriminate employers based on the company size.
  • We take every bit of client’s instruction that could probably help us in headhunting, advertising, or simply drawing from our database of CVs.
  • We maintain a vast CVs’ database for positions such as CEOs, MDs, Directors, Functional Heads e.g. Chief Financial Officers, HRMs.
  • Our services, and database, cut across the African continent and beyond
  • Unless otherwise indicated, it’s our standard to provide you with a shortlist of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.
  • We rarely ask for facilitation fee prior to the recruitment exercise. But why? Because we trust our clients, who in turn trust us.
  • If, after employment or during probation period, the selected candidate is found to be unsuitable, we always find a replacement ASAP at no extra cost.

Our recruitment and selection process entails:

  1. Job advertisement
  2. Interviews & screening
  3. Interview scheduling for the client
  4. Facilitation of reference checks & document verification