Top Tips for Writing a Job Fetching CV

A C.V is the first impression that a recruiter has of you and, as such it is paramount that you woo them with a well crafted and presented one. Although the structure of the C.V will depend on the industry that you are involved in, there are a few golden rules that you can follow to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

What to Do

Be Short and Concise
A short, straight to the point resume always wins over a long unnecessarily detailed resume. A two page, A4 sized document should be enough to cover everything.

Be Careful with The Font you Use
Nothing does more to represent your professionalism than the font you use on your C.V. Italics and, other artistic fonts may look cool, but they do not cut it with C.Vs – stick to the professional fonts.

The Order of Events is Important
It is imperative that you present your information in clear and chronological order. As a rule of thump, always start with your most recent engagement down to the first job that you held.

Bullet Points
The use of bullet points is a great way to make the recruiter read all the information in your C.V. As such, your relevant experience and strengths that are compatible with the job will not be overlooked.

To Wrap it Up
It is prudent to run your copy through a spell checker to make sure that your document is grammatically sound. Also, include your contacts and an email address that is professional.

What Not to Do

Be Scared of a Bare C.V
A short C.V might look bare and scare you – it should not. Provided you have included all your relevant skills needed for the job; You are good to go.

Stuff it With Unnecessary Information
The purpose of a C.V is to show your accomplishments and to convince the recruiter that you are the most qualified for the role. To do this, write a C.V that highlights these traits and avoid stuffing it with unnecessary details.

Include Information That is not Relevant
One of the best ways to make sure that your C.V remains lean is to avoid unnecessary parts. If your hobbies and interest do not give more credence to your C.V, then it is best left out.

Forget The Cover Letter
A cover letter is an essential document, and you should use it to enforce what is in the C.V. Therefore, even if the position did not ask for one, do not forget to include it – it might mean the difference between getting the job and not.

Use Very Large Or Small Fonts
The font size will not make your C.V longer or shorter. Therefore do not use large fonts to make it appear longer than it is or use small fonts to make it shorter Use a font that is readable and shows professionalism.


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  1. Good website and learnt a lot from it. i would like you to have a look for my CV so how you help me this if there any error. thank you.

    • Hi Gallo, we appreciate your visit to our website.
      We have a Professional CV Writing Team who can look at your CV and advice accordingly. Kindly send your CV to [email protected], stating clearly your requirements. Thank you

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