Want to Help your Employees Love Mondays?

As an employer, you’re aware that happy employees constitute a productive workforce.

It’s important to understand that attracting candidates to your job vacancies through effective job adverts is one thing, and sustaining a reasonable level of employee retention is another paramount role.

So what are some of the best ways to ensure a high level of staff retention? Do you have what it takes to motivate your staff and keep them happy? Below are a few best ways to ensure that:

  1. Career Progression

Career advancement is either an essential or very crucial affair as far as working life is concerned. As an employer, you should never overlook the idea of encouraging your staff to progress in their career. This can be done through employee training or providing them with the opportunities to advance their career. So, rather than rapid monetary gain, your staff would also appreciate your ability to demonstrate the need for their career progression.

  1. Job Security

Show me one person who has never had worries about their job security and I’ll show you a person who has never been employed to earn their living. Such worries are very strong and can affect your staff’s productivity. Ensure that clear and achievable objectives and goals are set, alongside other practical ways of showing that your employees are valued in your organization. That way, you’ll be contributing to their happiness and feelings of job security positively.

  1. Good Communication

Whilst high level communication is easily overlooked by any business, the amount of weight placed on it may be of surprise to many. In fact, many employees rank it above starting salary. Wherever, and whenever, there is good flow of communication between staff and senior management, there’s always a noticeable impact on the happiness levels of both parties.

  1. Social Aspect

Imagine having to work with someone you don’t get along with so well. This can mean starting your working day on a low or dread. The morale of most workers is significantly affected by the people they work with. It’s true that some jobs are individual in nature while others require minimal interaction between staff. However, having the right mix of personalities in the workplace, as well as maintaining a reasonable company culture, will most often translate to high levels of happiness and satisfaction among the co-workers.

  1. Recognition

How often do you recognize your staff for a job well done? Recognition is equally vital and essential to your staffs’ happiness at work, similar to their contribution to the business.

So, what else can bring workers happiness at work-places?

Talk of salaries and wages, financial incentives and benefits, working hours, length of commute. From researchers, only a small percentage of workers rank these among the top five factors that may boost their morale at work. Job security, career progression and a healthy work-life balance seem to outscore all other factors.

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